The Sphere of Transformation: a model of growth and expansion of the Existence

Alexandra Gladchenko
3 min readOct 3, 2020

Sometimes I think in a straight line. Living life not fully consciously, doing the same stuff every day, and doing it in predetermined patterns. Then I wake up. For a moment. And I never know when this moment will come again.

Why are we all here? What is this existence about?

And I go on thinking. Might be this? Huh! Developing the attitudes and characteristics which are pure? The virtue, goodness, honor, compassion. Each of us should strive to become pure light? And put his effort to make a positive shift of the community. Of the earth. Of the cosmos. Of the Existence. God. Whatever. Just names.

To make the most out of the reality we were born into, with the set of characteristics and opportunities, as well as traumas and challenges we’ve been loaded. Might be?

This will actually explain the fact why each of us is like no other. Each will bring his perspective, his kind of virtue. That is for us to develop in multiple ways. Hm?

Think. I’m imagining the growth of this one common consciousness as a Sphere, spreading the rays of light in all existing directions. If we were all the same: same thoughts, experiences, ideas, habits, virtues, talents — the growth would be only possible in straight parallel lines. And this linear movement can’t be really considered as growth. There’s no expansion. The same goes for sticking to one point of view for your whole life. It doesn’t give you a challenge and a possibility to embrace and oppose different opinions. No place for risk and courage (synonyms to growth that is).

We experience life through challenging our values and putting under a question the validity and morality of our choices. We experiencing the existence through constant opposition and relation. This opens up a gate to transformation. Or..a sphere of transformation? ..the Sun..cough, the Star..cough.

Transformation art.

One will be transformed into that of which he contemplates and goes on doing repeatedly. That is, we are what we do day by day. If you stare at your reflection until you die of grief, /the myth of Narcissus/ ..the only transformation you can expect is returning to the basic incarnations…a plant that is.

Salvador Dalí. Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937 Tate © Salvador Dali, Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation/DACS, London 2020

There are no ultimate choices to life. Or..? Neither there’re ultimate ways to transformation. Or..? Unfortunately, or luckily, you will have to try finding them for yourself. And recognize whether those choices do good or pull the whole Existence down the spiral.

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