Is It a New Earth already? Are we a generation witnessing this transition?

I woke up to the morning sky first (if you just sang that line, drop me a dm — you got a good taste in music). Switched on a laptop to join a daily marketing meeting with colleagues. No commuting, no rushing around to make it to the office looking fine and classy. Jeez. How do you even use that spare hour? Appreciate it.

Scrolling through a newsfeed, telegram news channels checking Hopkins coronavirus map. What’s the situation with Covid-19 for today? Any new restrictions our government has put in action? How many people have died? Oh, and Italy. Seems like coronavirus punishes life-loving Italians the most. It is 2nd of April, and we are soon to reach a Million infected with a virus.

For the next half an hour — good news only. I prefer to balance it, not to go insane. Nothing good will happen if you’ll lower your energy and let the guard down. So I just saw Arthur Moore’s story on instagram (if you wonder who it is, go and check his YouTube). There was a message:

Corona is forcing us to let go of doing, and start Being.

That struck me.

I really feel like I’ve properly grounded. Means, I started to breathe normally, became calmer and found my center. I became more sensitive to my basic needs as an authentic human being. Progress, which doesn’t happen every day. But once you go with it for a week, two…it naturally becomes effortless. How it is said, it takes 21 days to create a habit?

Psychological health is as valid as physical. It’s a pity many still neglect this fact. And I’m boundlessly..wholeheartedly happy for the Earthers now. Put your frickin ass at home — open a window, see the trees blooming. Realize that nature is a living being too! We are not the smartest dudes here.

Move your center to the Heart.

We gave the absolute power to the Mind many generations ago. It takes 21 days to create a habit, huh? What about 200 years? Try to imagine an impact. It’s like with a Russian President. Once it settled in the organism, the longer you hesitate and leave it there — the more natural and fine it seems.

How it is in the Heart though?

Just listen to this kid first.

“When I first saw you — my heart fell in love with you”, says little Gabby.

You know, as children we were supposed to grow up pure, authentic, loving, compassionate, balanced, joyful, sincere, true to our passions. Jumping around, yelling, and contaminating with that Cheshire smile. That is if we were allowed to. If we were told, that it’s our normal. That those noble things are defining you as a Being. Not the intellectual progress and amount of money you make. That it is okay to slowly eat your lunch, not thinking about work or something else parallelly sitting by the laptop. /that’s funny, but I just found myself doing that/

What it takes for your Heart to be joyful?

Think it’s not much. I want you to practice one simple meditation. It is especially powerful in times of global pandemic.

Don’t try to think it over, just follow Mooji. You will see what will happen. I call it a miracle. Awakening of that Child or authentic self. A New Earthers.

What is a New Earth?

You might have come through this term in Eckhart Tolle’s book with the same name. Not sure if it is him, who coined a notion. But that doesn't matter much now.

Now the World is soaked in Money, Greed, Fear. Angry little Egos running around the precious businesses, banks and governments robbing silly peasants. Violence. Sleeping hearts just mechanically living their American Dream.

A New Earth is in the Now. A New Earther is a Human Being, when he lives in Present, doesn't let the Mind chattering take control, puts Kindness and Morality first, takes care of Mental, Physical, and Energetical Wellbeing. Those are people awakened to their life purpose. Compassionate. And once again — compassionate. The ones, who became Aware of their Ego. Who is putting off the Rulership of it and gives it back to the Heart. There would be more Buddhas, Jesuses, Krishna’s, Muhammads. Those messengers were the first flowers of Earth.

We are on our way of Transition to a New Consciousness

There are loads of News considered important to be shown on TV and going viral online. But the really worthy changes are not communicated.

In many parts of the planet, thousands of people are getting more justice and help. There’s no such big Discrimination as it used to be hundreds of years ago. We just became more sensitive to certain topics and could easily feel discriminated with someone's remark about our hairstyle. That’s it.

A New Earth is where, instead of creating our own suffering, we fuel our Spirit. We revisit the notions of Religion. No longer the fear of Sin will keep us a System’s Slaves. The word “sin” itself been so misunderstood. Initially, it meant “to miss a point, to miss a target”. That is, to miss the opportunity to do Good, to miss the point of Human Existence. To sin is to live blindly, spreading the suffering. The sin as we understand it now is there just to keep us humbled and chained, and easy to deal with, in case.

New Consciousness go along free people. Free of superficial and false desires. Happiness is a habit too, you know. Both New and Old Testaments talks about the crush of the existing System and returning to a New Earth, to Heaven. Which is, of course, not some woo-woo place above with golden gates and angels checking if you were a good boy. It’s a new state of Consciousness. A pure and Light. And, as we now, outer reflects the inner. As Above, so Below.

I want to speak to my contemporaries

I know, you have spare 1 and 42 mins to listen to one of the profound teachings of Harmonious living. Lao Tzu and his Tao Te Ching. I hope you’ll find your way to be joyful in this lifetime.

If you can’t go outside — go inside. Namaste.

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