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Been balling too hard in prev lifetime? Here’s HOW you can DEAL with that mess.

It may seem unclear why some things we once loved are floating away. And the tide leaves us no chance to fight or change anything about it. Its force is bigger than ours, it sees the wider picture.

Sometimes we’re even holding to the experiences from the last lives. It could have been a feeling so strong, that it surpassed lifelines and your soul is now bearing the burdens of it in this life. Or it may be something unfinished. An unfulfilled talent. This is #karma.

a. acknowledge where your trauma hides
b. digest
c. put the talent into use in this life/let go

1. Watch the retrograde planets in your astrological chart. They will show the unfinished mission, lessons that haven’t been learnt, etc.

2. Watch the Lunar Nodes (North and South, or in Vedic school it’s referred to as Rahu and Ketu) in your astrological chart. They bear the information about the karmic lessons you should go through.

The North node shows where are you headed in this life, new stuff you need to evolve on. Unknown, unfamiliar space where the evolution hides.

Whereas South is all things familiar to you from past reincarnations. It’s where your comfort zone lies. Ofc. You mastered it already and it comes to you effortlessly, what we call intuitively. South nodes would show where you need to move FROM, and North node is your guiding Northern Star 💫

EXAMPLE. If the Ketu, your South node, is in Taurus ♉️ in 8 House this means that in previous life you developed the qualities of this starsign in the situations of the 8th House.

If Rahu (North node) is in a Scorpio ♏️ in the 2 House, in this lifetime you are to develop the qualities of this starsign and go through the situation typical for 2 House.

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