God Gives no shit to Mediocre

/how not to be a pushover and put the Self together/

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We are floating to find ourselves amongst the situations and surroundings we walk our life with. We hurt ourselves, and then say “thank you” for the lessons.

What if you are scared? What if you don’t want to find yourself going thru the inconvenient situations and discomfort settings?

Aren’t the meek the ones that are blessed? Simply having their corner, not bothering anyone, trying to avoid difficulties and hurtful scenes. A house in the woods, connected to nature, minding your own business. Sounds peaceful and sweet.

One year would pass.

Five, six, seven. What do you feel? What do you see? The same scenery: you, your dog, fireplace, wood, cold, warm, winter, spring, summer, autumn. The lifeline stays straight.

You’re dying, dude.

If that satisfies you — you’re asleep.

But it looks like you created heaven for yourself? What’s wrong with being constantly in a happy place?

Let me tell you this.

God is not the one residing in the heavenly skies. God’s the One that drowns himself in the dirtiest mud one could ever imagine. He can’t just simply show an example to follow without experiencing it all himself.

First, you need to put the Self together. If you’re familiar with Jung’s Archetypes, you know that there’s a Shadow self, waiting to be recognized. If it’s your first time hearing of this peculiar person, let’s go thru the basics.

Carl Jung — psychologist, mystic, and just a nice guy. A mixture of freudian concepts, eastern religions doctrines and mysticism.

Though he is not that popularized as Freud, to my humble opinion, Jung scores >10 here.

So, he got similar ideas about the unconscious. But besides the individual unconscious, he differentiates one more — a collective unconscious. That is which accumulated from the past, the habits, fears (etc. etc.) of our ancestors. Say, the fear of darkness. ‘The form of the world into which [a person] is born is already inborn in him, as a virtual image’ (Jung, 1953. Collected works. Vol. 12. Psychology and alchemy, p. 188). Reminds me of fractality of the universe, but anyways.

These collective unconscious phenomena could form the whole systems, archetypes. Jung outlines the 4 main archetypes: Persona, Anima/Animus, Shadow, and Self.

In short:

Persona. We all were taught to behave as a gooood boy or a good girl. We were raised to fit in the societal norms. Could that make us fake our real faces? It certainly does. So, persona is a mask one wears to adapt to social situations. As if we are protecting our egos, right?

Anima/Animus. A representation of your feminine side, if you’re a man. And vice versa — masculinity in a woman. This is, in contrast, not a mask, but a truth. Why is our world so money driven and mechanical? Is that not for a reason we suppress our femininity?

Shadow. Unconscious and repressed desires. Here we try to stick not only with cultural norms. Much worse. We stick to our own beliefs, denying and not recognizing what we could really desire. That forms kind of psychosis. Well, we’re all in that state, if you might ask. A Shadow is often our darker side. We deny it. And what’s more — project it onto others. What do you see when you sleep? Take a note. It often shows up there, where we drop our armors.

Self. The Ego + Unconscious Mind. And our aim is to reach the self actualization. There’s a nice depiction:

Aim to see and recognize the main archetypes in you. Do not be afraid to be bad. It’s healthy to experience chaos. For it will show the real nature of things. The duality of existence.

Value your place in Hell, for it will illuminate the Way later on.

So, you’ve put yourself together. Found the dusty corners. You’re in a happy place.

Say, a new relationship came. You got some troubles. Some traits of your partner started irritating you.

And the cycle goes again.

You dig shit with a spoon. Lots of shit. With a small spoon.

Bless that day, honey. Bless that stimulant. It shows the way to You. And the more cycles you have — the clearer the point of Self becomes. Fall deep to rise high.

Use relationships, sexual energy and creativity to transform the old notions of Life. Live Dangerously.

Still avoiding uncertainties and uncomfy situations?

Well. You’re being presented with two choices: evolve or repeat. Because the Truth gives no shit to mediocre.

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