CBD industry. Worth investing in?

When it all just started, many “conservative” enterpreneurs thought they were all fools: people, investing and believing in the flourishment of CBD industry. But have a look at it now. Healthcare workers recognizing the value of the “medication”. People, feeling helpless in their struggle with an unknown diseases, starting doing their own research and finding CBD benefits. And, what is critical: the law restrictions started to melt.

How to market CBD product, how to be cohesive with the today’s pharmaceutical industry, create a functional website while considering the ethical part of the deal, and the customer experience. This is our rough outline for this article.

What is CBD?

Since CBD is becoming a widely accepted substance step by step, more entrepreneurs are catching a train.

My boyfriend was recently under a surgery in Switzerland. Not being fascinated by the thought of taking all those pain relieving chemicals (Ibuprofen or similar), which inevitably damage your liver and immune system, he asked for a chance to grab a CBD to the hospital. And what do we see, they were all cool about that. The law is all thumbs up for it.

There is still research going on, and not all people and institutions are ready to fully accept the product — simply because of the lack of knowledge. And disinformation. And the plant itself is still stigmatized.

So the enterpreneurs which are on the way to dive into this business should be aware of this and other factors. In this specific field, it is especially important to set a transparent direct to consumer (D2C) communication.

How it all started with CBD

Benefits of a CBD molecule that might be hard to believe in

U.S. government is now sponsoring some of the researches on the value of the magical compound from a cannabis plant.

Here’s the list of the studies:

Kannaway, the first company to begin research on the potential benefits of the cannabis Sativa plant

How to a big CBD company built an effective market strategy

Here’s how customers see Kannaways’s Pure Gold ™ on PDR. The company provides extensive product information with product image, product description, class of a healthcare product, storage, drug interaction, food and herb interactions, mechanism of action, common brand names, how it is supplied, ingredients and supplements facts, dose recommendations with dosing considerations, missed and overdose information, considerations and precautions, manufacturing information accompanied with a table showing the flow of industrial hemp manufacture. There’s also info on clinical trials of the substance and references to a number of materials and researches.

An ultimate website for a CBD product

The website itself is very user-friendly and adapts to any region and language. On a product detail page itself you will find clear product image, product description, ingredients, usage and lab results. As this is a non-medical product, a company openly puts a disclosure that it doesn’t guarantee treating certain illnesses and that certain people better refrain themselves from using it.

Kannaway’s website also provides a great customer journey by allowing each shopper to make their own accessibility adjustments, like font size, content scaling, color, mute sounds, hide images and so on. A big + for the company for the UX.

What do the successful CBD entrepreneurs give out to their customers?

To be or not to be? Invest or not into CBD market?



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